04.09.18  Cross Country reviews the Artik 5
Cross Country reviews the Artik 5 Cross Country reviews the Artik 5 Cross Country reviews the Artik 5

The pilot Malin Lobb wrote a very complete review of the Artik 5 for Cross Country magazine. His conclusions are clear: “I found the Artik 5 a glider that is more durable, but lighter than its competitors, […] it’s right at the top in terms of performance, with easy strong-wind launch characteristics. I’m not sure you could ask for much more from a sports class glider”Read the review’s highlights below:

“The Artik 5’s flat aspect ratio of 6.3 is slightly more than its main competitors, but due to its solid nature and filtered feedback it certainly flies like a lower-aspect wing, staying compact in the rough stuff. […] It is interesting to compare the weight with the other EN-C gliders in the market. You will see that other manufacturers use lighter fabric and they still weigh more than the Artik 5. […] Impressive stuff. […] On initial inspection the first thing that jumped out at me was the small packing volume of the Nitinol rods. […] In my opinion it is a shame that other manufacturers don’t use it, giving the consumer inferior nylon simply to save on production costs”.

“The launch took me by surprise. […]The glider came up quite slowly considering the amount of wind, and needed very little management. The fact that it’s easy to launch in stronger wings is a great characteristic if you are moving up a class”.

“The glider’s pitch stability really impressed me, biting into lift, converting energy in turbulent air into lift really efficiently. […] Whether on a long glide or thermaling efficiently converting every bump into lift is going to keep you floating above your fellow flying friends”.

“The brakes felt soft as the start getting harder relatively quickly, with a slight forgiveness at the first part of the brake range. They give enough feedback and have low enough pressure that they are not going to tire you out on a long flight".

“[…] this is the type of confidence-inspiring wing that makes you want to take it on a six –or seven- hour flight; it made me want to fly it more, for longer”.

The complete review on:

27.08.18  Kings of Synchro!
Kings of Synchro!

The CAT Acro Team was crowned in the Swiss Synchro Championship with its new N-Gravity 4. The team formed by Jeremy Péclard and David Geiser made a spectacular performance that you can watch by clicking here.

The same pilots got a medal each one in the solo category. The golden was for Péclard and the silver one for Geiser.

23.07.18  New World Record of Distance!
New World Record of Distance!

Julien Irilli and Nicolas Hairon beat the World Record of Distance in Tandem after flying an incredible 208km FAI triangle under a light-customized version of the Takoo 4.

They flew over Col Agnel, Thorame and The Chapelle-en-Valgaudémar during more than 8 hours.

Congratulations to the crew for this wonderful shared flight!
09.07.18  First tests of the Icepeak Evox
12.06.18  Free Aero on the new Artik 5
07.05.18  Niviuk pilots are the majority in the Top 5 of the WPC!
30.04.18  Into the Lightness: Skin 2 P & Roamer 2, by Gavin McClurg
23.04.18  New World Record with a Niviuk glider!
04.04.18 on the new Takoo 4
15.03.18  The new Artik 5 has arrived!
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Cross Country reviews the Artik 5
The pilot Malin Lobb flew the Artik 5 and his conclusions are clear: "It made me want to fly it more, for longer!"
Kings of Synchro!
The CAT Acro Team was crowned in the Swiss Synchro Championship.
New World Record of Distance!
Julien Irilli and Nicolas Hairon beat the World Record of Distance in Tandem.
First tests of the Icepeak Evox
The first tests of the Icepeak Evox were very successful!
Free Aero on the new Artik 5
The experienced pilot Philippe Lami has flown the Artik 5 a few times and gives us his first impressions.
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